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How to buy a domina in Banasta

In order to buy your domain in Banasta you will have to follow these four steps:

  1. Register in Banasta. In order to do that you just have to fill up the registration form.
  2. Once you are registered and logged in with you username and password, you can search for the dominain among the ones that are currently being auctioned in Banasta
  3. Once you find the domain that best suits you click in the link "Make and offer".
  4. From the Domain's information page you can place a bid for the highest price that you are willing to pay (without taxes) for the domain, then the system will place it for the minimum price required and the system will automaticaly increase you bid as other bidders bid for the same domain until it reaches your highest bid.

Once you place your bid, our system will keep you informed of the developings of the auction you are participating in by email, that way you will be able to place a higher bid in case you are outbid by another member.

After 14 days without any bids, the auction will end and the system will inform both seller and highest bidder of the results of the auction and the contact details of each other so they can proceed to end the transaction.

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